Top 2 Casino Games that Can be Beaten


Most players look onto online casino Malaysia games as a form of playing dices using nothing but one’s folly and pure luck. You are obviously at an advantage when you play the games that have odds in your favor, but the house edge is a factor that keeps the casino on the safer pedestal. Not every winning at the casinos can be considered luck-driven because none of the games boasts features that let players win without a certain level of skill.

The house edge that is affected by the factors such as card counting systems, the style of the game, and the type of bets placed, is expressed in percentage to make it easier for the players to judge the outcome. Slots were considered as the easiest to beat for its simple gameplay, but that is a myth that needs debunking. You will have no way to mitigate the potential losses in slots since they require little to no skill; the result is always a win or a loss. Unlike in this game, roulette and blackjack allow the players to use their card counting skills and strategies to win. There are a few games that make this list for the obvious factor of being beatable; let us have a look at these top casino games among them.

1.      Roulette

Understanding the different betting options is necessary to have an advantage at roulette. Odds of every bet winbet2u online casino is also an important piece of information that you need in order to decide the amount you bet because people often make the mistake of betting more than they can win. Each version of roulette might have a different house edge percentage; so, it is best that you start with the selection of the version you want to excel at. European roulette, which is a trimmed-down version of the French roulette, is the most common type that you can find at online casinos. The house edge percentage of European roulette pushes further up to 2.70% without the traditional betting options such as La Partage and En Prison being included. In terms of house edge advantage, the original French version is the best one to pick.


2.      Blackjack

The most popular casino table game, blackjack is an interesting pastime activity that has become the subject of focus in many movies and books. You need to have an idea about the different variants of blackjack before opting for a game on the table. Reducing the house edge is possible by applying certain strategies such as card counting, regardless of the variant you choose. By adding such strategies, you not put yourself at an advantage but also enhances the thrill of the game. Using a chart can help you plan your strategy accordingly, and by adding a progressive betting system to it, you get a combination that can help you win at certain hands that cannot be easily tackled with the chart alone. Starting small and referring to the chart’s recommendation will help you beat the game.

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