Mattijs’ tube circuit archives

Please be patient until I have build the new tube archive sites. Until then, please use this temporary site. Have fun!

If you have some schematics for me, I really would appreciate to have them! If there’s anything on this page that doesn’t belong here according to you (copyright, etc), please tell me, I’ll remove it. There might be errors in some schematics, if you find them, please report them to me. If you have build one of these devices, please let me know your building experiences, sound, etc. It will be very helpfull for other people.
Between the brakets are noted the tubes used for one channel and the rectification tube (SS for solidstate). Some file are quite big, prepare for long loading times!

Thanks to Tom Howe (golden guy, many of the schematics came from him!), Rumen Suvandjiev, Bill Douroukis, John Stanley, Chris Jenrick (lots of the studio stuff), Gregory Vicars and all the others not mentioned here for their contributions. Also thanks goes out to Hubert Liegeois and Joe Piazza, for their nice drawings of guitar schematics.