Differences Between Rewards in Online and Land-Based Casinos

Land-Based Casinos

Making players feel special during a online casino India game is the factor that leads to loyalty, and casinos will find their way to break into the hearts of these players. Both online and land-based casinos keep offering a set of rewards for the players who make an impression by conquering new heights in the game. Bonuses and discounts never lose their charm; they keep their luster intact to attract more patrons upfront. Even shopping in a grocery or a mall is something that people look forward to for the seasonal offers and rewards.

Expectations for such bonuses from casinos when playing with money are, therefore, validated for the fact that the players are making an investment, for which, rewards could be the least that could be offered. Such bonuses have always been an indispensable concept in the casinos so much so that they are considered to have been pioneered in these establishments. But as technology hit the top gear, casinos shifted to the digital screens for a convenient experience. This has made the concept of rewards also to change its form into digital assets. Let us have a look at the major differences between the rewards offered in online casinos and the brick-and-mortar casinos.

Land-Based Casino Rewards

Loyal players of a casino can avail of the various bonuses and comps. Some of the typical rewards offered in the land-based casinos are:

  • Complimentary food and drinks
  • Cashback
  • Personal hosts for the players who shine
  • Free lodging facilities at the casino resort
  • Limo rides for the players


Online Casino Rewards

  • Free spins and reload bonuses for slots and other games
  • Competitive wagering terms with the sessions of casinos bonuses
  • Personal account managers
  • Free entry to exclusive events such as tournaments and concerts
  • Loyalty point accumulation and the conversion gets better

Key Differences

1.      Physical Rewards in Land-Based Casinos

Except for a few online casinos that offer exciting rewards such as holidays, gadgets, or invitation to events, most of the online platforms’ rewards come in an intangible form. The typical bonuses in online casinos include faster withdrawals, cashback, and free spins. On the other hand, land-based casinos have their structure set in the real world rather than the digital universe, thereby making it easier for them to focus on the physical needs of the players. They are keener in providing the hungry players with food coupons or comps so that they don’t leave the casino. Since tired players also leave after a certain point, the casinos offer them a place to stay in the hope that they will come back to play the next day. Driving through the hassling traffic to reach the casino is again a hindrance that keeps people at home. Casinos provide limo rides to rule out this issue to ensure that the players have the best experience.

2.      Barriers to Redeeming the Rewards

People might find it amusing when the land-based casinos offer food comps and lodging discounts at a loss. But you must understand the fact that these casinos might be offering you food worth $30 at $60, which would seem reasonable to you when compared to the charges in other restaurants. On the other hand, in online casinos, they offer more valuable rewards that might actually cost them a chunk. Despite this difference, the interesting disparity lies in the fact that the online casinos offer you rewards easily when compared to the real-world ones. In the latter, you will have to play and earn more to win such bonuses and the attention of the hosts.

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